Triangles of Love

Quilting: It’s in my blood

Triangles of Love | www.jenniferdyck.comIt’s a long standing tradition in my family to gift a quilt to babies when they are born. My Grandma was an avid hand quilter and she made every baby that entered her world a quilt. She then taught the craft to my mom (her daughter-in-law) who has gifted quilts to new babies for decades.

Grown men have told me that they still have the quilt my mom gave them when they were born. This makes me feel old but it also warms my heart that pieces of fabric stitched together with love have become family keepsakes.

Initially taught to quilt by hand by my mom, I have slowly started to make more pieces by machine.

Project by Project

I will admit that not every baby has received a quilt over the past few years from me. Raising my own young family has taken priority but every chance I get to sew for a baby, I do.

I had the pleasure of making an extra special quilt this year for my first niece. I knew exactly which fabrics I wanted to use from my stash and quickly found inspiration online for a 60 degree triangle pattern. Using 6″ strips of fabric and a 60° marking on my ruler I set off.

Triangles of Love

Triangles of Love |

Triangles of Love |

Triangles of Love |

Triangles of Love |

Ellery Aug 2015 |



6 thoughts on “Triangles of Love

  1. Lovely quilt, Jenn! It’s interesting how quilting manages to work it’s way into your blood if you already have a fondness for sewing. Quilting allows one’s creativity to flourish–and if you love colour it’s so much fun to choose fabrics!


    • Thanks Sharon! So true. I love playing with the colours just as much as the sewing part. I need to plan a road trip in 2016 to come and visit. I meant what I said, I want to add one of your wall hangings to my art collection.


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