Triangles of Love

Quilting: It’s in my blood

Triangles of Love | www.jenniferdyck.comIt’s a long standing tradition in my family to gift a quilt to babies when they are born. My Grandma was an avid hand quilter and she made every baby that entered her world a quilt. She then taught the craft to my mom (her daughter-in-law) who has gifted quilts to new babies for decades.

Grown men have told me that they still have the quilt my mom gave them when they were born. This makes me feel old but it also warms my heart that pieces of fabric stitched together with love have become family keepsakes.

Initially taught to quilt by hand by my mom, I have slowly started to make more pieces by machine.

Project by Project

I will admit that not every baby has received a quilt over the past few years from me. Raising my own young family has taken priority but every chance I get to sew for a baby, I do.

I had the pleasure of making an extra special quilt this year for my first niece. I knew exactly which fabrics I wanted to use from my stash and quickly found inspiration online for a 60 degree triangle pattern. Using 6″ strips of fabric and a 60° marking on my ruler I set off.

Triangles of Love

Triangles of Love |

Triangles of Love |

Triangles of Love |

Triangles of Love |

Ellery Aug 2015 |



Fat Quarter Forest Animal Four Patch

Say that five times fast!

The Triple Threat Project

At some point I picked up forest animal fat quarter bundles in a brown, orange, green and teal palette.  Anyone that knows me will find this an odd selection from my typical jewel tone selections.

This purchase immediately became a triple threat challenge that needed to be conquered.

1. The fabric is not my typical colour palette,
2. I’ve never sewn using fat quarters and
3. I don’t have any connection to a forest.

Choosing a Tutorial

After hunting high and low for a simple online quilt tutorial using fat quarters I landed upon Take-Along Quilt {Tutorial} from Clover & Violet.

This tutorial was exactly what I needed to give me the courage to get cutting and try something new.

Fabric Layout

I decided to use the lower volume fabrics in the smaller squares and use the larger print fabrics in the large squares.

Four Patch Fat Quarter Forest Animal 2015 |

Once I decided to go full forest theme there was no turning back.  On a separate fabric excursion I came across faux wood grain fabric.

Now this is something I never imagined I’d ever purchase but it made a perfect border to extend the size of my quilt on both the front and back.

Four Patch Fat Quarter Forest Animal 2015 |

Machine Quilting

This was the first quilt that I made 100% on my Janome Skyline.  I went with a very basic triple straight line window pane look that followed the large four-patch blocks of the front.

Choosing Binding

When it came to choosing a binding I gravitated back to my comfort zone and picked a pop of colour. It happened to be a fabric from my stash.

Washed and Ready to Use

I’ve recently decided to stop pre-washing fabric that I use to make quilts.  I like the way they crinkle after their first machine wash and dry.  They instantly look loved and ready for use.

Four Patch Fat Quarter Forest Animal 2015 |

Quilt Backs Can Be Fun Too

It can be fun using extra pieces from the front to piece together the back of your quilt.  There was still more faux wood that I used to frame the back piece.

The biggest challenge with getting creative on the back is that you need to take extra care when layering your pieces together to ensure that the fabric directions of both front and back line up properly.

Four Patch Fat Quarter Forest Animal 2015 |

To Keep It or Gift It

Often when I make items they have a specific recipient in mind.  I will careful choose fabrics that remind me of the person, I pick a project that I think the person will enjoy and most of all I imagine the project in its forever home being used.

Since this quilt began with a spontaneous fat quarter purchase I’ve decided that our home will be it’s forever home.  The boys immediately pulled it from the laundry basket and it’s been in use ever since.

“One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love.” ~unknown