A Little Blue Bin of Veggies

A Little Blue Bin

Important conversations have started to take place in our home and they all began with a little blue bin of veggies and a farmer with a passion to feed people.

CSA Blue Bin | www.jenniferdyck.com

A passion to feed people

“I just love to Feed people” said Will Bergmann to a group of food enthusiasts this summer. And that he does. This growing season my family had the opportunity to join our first ever CSA garden with Bergmann CSA.

The end of a season

Today, Will handed over our last bin for the season. It was a bitter sweet moment. I’m sad that our weekly mystery box of locally grown, seasonal veggies will not enter our home again until spring but I’m also truly thankful to have been a part of this magical vegetable journey.

CSA last bin 2015 | www.jenniferdyck.com

Lessons from our CSA bin:

1. You will #EatMoreVeggies
When you know a fresh bin of veggies is arriving each and every week you will eat more veggies. Veggies become the focus of every meal and you literally stuff yourself with them every chance you get.
CSA bin 2015 | www.jenniferdyck.com

2. Your heart will grow
Your heart will grow three sizes as you watch your kids literally vibrate with excitement over veggies. They couldn’t wait to unpack and pick out their first bite from the bin each and every week.

Veggie Excited | www.jenniferdyck.com

3. #FarmToFood conversations will take place
Something magical will happen when you get to know a farmer. The personal connection that my kids made with our farm family paved the way for many conversations at our dinner table.

I answered questions about: where our food comes from, who grows it or raises it, different types of farms and interestingly food waste.

It also created an “ah-ha” moment for my kids. My sister and her family farm too. They operate a mixed farm with beef cattle and grain. My kids suddenly realized the importance of all farmers. That all farmers feed people. My kids started asking deeper questions about where their Uncle’s crops go and who eats his animals.

These important questions are being asked, conversations are being had and it all started with our blue bin of veggies and a farmer with a passion to feed people.

Blyth Farm 2015 | www.jenniferdyck.com

Thank You!

Thank you Bergmann CSA for filling our plates, for entering our hearts and for feeding our souls!

Bergmann CSA Thank you 2015 | www.jenniferdyck.com



4 thoughts on “A Little Blue Bin of Veggies

  1. Thx for sharing Jenn! What a beautiful read. You’re kids are so lucky to have had such a wonderful experience!
    Now, how would one sign up for this? Do you have to live in the city?:)


    • Thanks Kyla!! There are CSA opportunities all over the province – urban and rural. The trick is finding one in your area that has pick-up days/times that suit your needs. http://www.csamanitoba.org is a good place to start your research. Not all farms are listed (mine is not) but it will give you a good idea of what is around. If you are interested in connecting with Bergmann’s let me know.


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